Frequently asked questions

What should I look for when shopping for a new kitchen?

Its important to consider several key elements:

1. Construction of cabinet box - our preference is particle board core of European Origin or US made. Box should be assembled with dowels and glue or Confirmat Euro screw.

2. Hardware – this is a single most important element that often gets ignored due to savings. We call it “saving in a wrong place”. Your hardware gets used every day and it’s a single most important element that you do not want to jeopardize. We always use Blum (Austria) for all hinges and drawers, this quality and functionality you can get in todays market, however there many different levels. Do not get confused as there are some extremely sophisticated and some very simple solutions offered by Blum, obviously technology comes with the price, but we think its well worth it.

3. Surfacing materials - your door and drawer faces must be made from materials that are designed to last. If you are looking at laminated surfaces make sure edgebanding is thick, nicely rounded, does not show glue residue and does not stick out beyond surface itself. If you are looking at painted/lacquered surface make sure the factory polishes panels before paint application and ages panels between layers of paint. These two most important key factors are ignored by majority of producers that are set up to do volume but result is low quality.

4. Visit our showroom where we can show you the difference.

What to do when you like drawers for design of your kitchen and bath but plumbing lines are on the way?

What to do when you like drawers for design of your kitchen and bath but plumbing lines are on the way?

The most efficient solution we have found is called FIXOLUSA. This product is a universal sink drawer kit that allows to create a very precise cut out in the drawer box directly in the field. It looks amazing, is very durable as its made of anodized aluminum, design to be installed in the field within just 15 minutes and can adapt to most drawer configurations. We use it on all kitchen and bath drawer cabinets and our customers love it.