Luxury Kitchens designed & built for you around your needs and wants. No cutting corners, no stress! We design, deliver, install, and you - enjoy!
Are you in another state? No problem! We do virtual ZOOM meetings and explain everything step by step. Designed in Denver CO and carefully crafted in: Italy, Germany, Poland, & Sunny Colorado since 2003!
Designing a kitchen is not just a job for us, this is our passion with ongoing quest for better living for others. We create functional and stunning kitchens every time. We make sure you LOVE your kitchen, and we help you get there. Looking just for some cabinets to fill in the wall space? Visit Ikea or Home Depot, they are great at doing that. Our agenda is a bit different – we simply deliver the best for you and your space taking care of all steps and transitions.
Delivered within 5-6 weeks
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Delivered within 12-14 weeks
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Delivered within 10-12 weeks
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Delivered within 14 weeks
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We specialize in kitchen engineering, meeting our customer’s desires by using the latest European technologies in surfacing and hardware. We offer stunning designs in Modern, Contemporary or Transitional styles. Visiting our showroom will worth every minute of your time!
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RETHINK your house with new design ideas

Our kitchen design philosophy is simple – the kitchen must be designed around our customers’ needs, wants and budget. Large variety of surfaces, cabinet configurations and ability to custom manufacture any specialty design element gives us full flexibility to achieve your objectives. We LOVE designing fun and functional kitchens. If you are looking for a team that can handle out of ordinary design concepts you have come to the right place!